Thinking about buying a home or investment property soon or in the next few years? Buying a property is a major life decision and we believe preparation is the foundation to success. That’s why we developed our Landscape of the Market for Buyers where we bring a LivingRoom Real Estate Broker, Home Inspector, and Mortgage Broker together to walk through the process, share key information to help you prepare, discuss the current market, and answer any questions you may have. Topics we cover are:

  • The pre-approval process and preparing your finances, including information for independent contractors and self-employed

  • Step by step overview of key parts of home buying process

  • Loan products available in today’s market

  • Overview of current market conditions

  • Helpful Information on how to decide what type of property to buy

  • What to expect from a property search

  • What to expect from a home inspection

  • What to look for in a building

  • What are closing costs and a detailed breakout

  • Tips for saving for home improvements

    Food and Drinks will be provided. We hold this 90 minute complimentary class several times a year. Check our events page to sign up for the next class or if you can’t make it to the class contact us and to schedule a time to meet with you.